imgresBy SVN

This past January, the Nashville Chamber embarked on a new effort to break its coverage area into several Area Advisory Councils, enabling each Council to focus on its immediate area and serve business owners in a more effective manner. I became involved in the Chamber’s Midtown Advisory Council, serving as Chair to help champion business prosperity in Midtown Nashville and to help establish a centralized voice for the needs and concerns of the business owners in our area.

Our geographic reach encompasses approximately 450 organizations, including a diverse group of non-profits, law firms, technology companies and representatives from both Vanderbilt and Belmont. The Council’s primary initiatives are:

  1. Engage and influence elected officials.
  2. Support some form of mass transit or the progress towards some form of mass transit.
  3. Join a conversation surrounding smart growth and development within the Midtown area.

Our kickoff meeting was a great success, with over 100 attendees from multiple diverse businesses and organizations within the Midtown area.  Our second meeting was also very informative as our moderator, Adam Lister, held a forum with candidates for the House and Senate races in Districts 55, 19 and 21. John Ray Clemmons, Thelma Harper, Brandon Puttbrese, Diane Cuellar, Mary Mancini and Jeff Yarbro all discussed issues relevant to business owners in the area.

We hope that other Midtown organizations and business owners will join us at our next quarterly meeting in October. The meeting will host various developers, each speaking about different projects planned for the area – including offices, hotels, condos and apartments. If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me directly at stan.snipes@svn.com or by phone at (615) 297-4999. We hope to see you there.